Everwood Farmstead

is a 57-acre former dairy farm located in the rolling driftless area of western Wisconsin, and my home. The place inspired my husband and me to create space and ritual around the people we love and the things we hold dear—conversation, artists, creativity, community, earth and honesty. Our happiest days are when people fill long tables for dinner, musicians sing in the barn and puppies lead us down wooded trails.

Innovation lab

Over the past 10 years, the farmstead has become an innovation lab for exploring the powerful chemistry of community, nature and art. It has been home for our Arts Foundation as well as a container for transformational experiences for leaders and teams during threshold moments of possibility. The farm has been renovated and redesigned based on our philosophies of beauty, sustainability and hospitality, grounded in the powerful teachings of nature. We are excited to provide space or design a custom experience for you. You can learn more about Everwood and our Foundation here.

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